Back To School

Clothes selected by Shirley Erskine-Schreyer

Text by Eileen Bernardi



One of the worst things about being a grown-up? Missing out on the excitement of back-to-school shopping day. I loved school almost as much as I loved clothes (ok, maybe a bit more), and I especially loved dressing for fall. The consolation prize for being an adult, and having a job and blah, blah, blah…well, it’s being a mom and getting to take my own boys back-to-school shopping. And lucky for me, they love it almost as much as I do! And the colors this fall are so incredibly cozy and reminiscent of my own 1980s childhood…think burnt orange, olive green and mustard yellow. Make a day of it like I did with my boys…promise them some Japanese shaved ice at the end of it, and I promise all will go super smooth.