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For our next installment of Mom to Mompreneur we spoke with April Gargiulo, the founder and CEO of cult beauty brand, Vintner’s Daughter. Rarely has a beauty product received as much hype as the brand’s Active Botanical Serum did when it hit shelves five years ago. And believe me, the hype is entirely justified. Made of organic active botanicals the serum has done wonders for my overly dry skin. The company recently released its second ever product, Active Treatment Essence, to similarly high accolades.

April is committed to creating incredibly high quality, clean products that minimize the necessity for a multi-step beauty routine. A former winemaker, she understands the patience and time that it takes to achieve perfection in a product. She is also a mother of a five- and seven-year-old, which is why I was eager to chat with her about what motivated her to start the company, how she defines success and what it takes for her to manage work and family life.

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What inspired you to create Vintner's Daughter?

I come from a family of winemakers in California’s Napa Valley, which opened my eyes to the importance of the finest quality ingredients paired with exacting formulation methods — to me, this was true luxury. After I became pregnant with my eldest daughter, I realized that my “luxury” skincare products were anything but. Typically, there were only .01% active ingredients and the rest was made up of low-quality, unsafe fillers. I was inspired to create my holy grail product that would deliver uncompromising efficacy, quality, and safety in a single, powerful step. My background in fine winemaking inspired my unwavering commitment to world-class ingredient-sourcing and meticulous formulation methods. Active Botanical Serum was the first product to bring to life these extreme principles of quality and efficacy and Active Treatment Essence is the second. With it, we have double-downed on our commitment to deliver transformational results through the world’s most active botanicals and time-honored formulation methods. 

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What is the greatest challenge of being a working mom?

For me, the challenge is always getting out of work brain and into kid brain. What I have found helpful is to talk to my kids about stuff that is going on at work. Nothing heavy, but just telling them what I am working on. It makes the transition much easier and they feel connected to it as well.

What is your best advice for balancing work and motherhood? 

Set  your priorities and then ladder every hour of your day back to those. Constantly evaluate if you are living up to the goal so you can make adjustments. You have to be a bit brutal about it, but there is no other way. 

How do you define success?

If I’m feeling deeply grounded, but still in the flow with everyone and everything I care about. 

How have other women supported you in your professional journey?

Where do I begin?! I have an incredible group of girlfriends who are so supportive. My mother is hugely supportive of Vintner’s Daughter as well. She might be our biggest client. Also, the community of other women business owners and our own customers that I have met since we launched has been an incredible support network. 

Can you tell us a bit about your own beauty routine?

My routine is  simple because I know that in our two simple steps, Active Treatment Essence + Active Botanical Serum, my skin is receiving everything it needs to be its best self. I cleanse, I apply Essence, then I apply Serum and then SPF or sometimes night cream. Ultimate multi-correctional performance and results in fewer steps. 

How do you unwind?

I escape to Lake Tahoe whenever possible.  

What do you love most about raising kids in San Francisco?

I love the moms I meet through my kids in SF.  They are some of the smartest, most accomplished, kindest and hardworking people I know. I feel grateful to be raising kids in the Bay Area. 

What inspires you?

Travel, artists and craftspeople 



1. Favorite Podcast

Second Life and Dharma Talks

2. Favorite family holiday spot

Lake Tahoe

3. App you can’t live without


4. Fashion muse

Tracee Ellis Ross

5. Favorite children’s clothing brand