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I moved to Berlin 6 years ago from NYC. I’m originally from Australia where my heart is and where I long to be. Im a birth worker and lover of all things birth-related. I love supporting women during their transformation and its been my dream job for years!


Children: Iyla Wilde (6) and I’m soon to be mother to another little girl!

What is your favourite travel hack with kids?

Board first when they call families or pay for speedy boarding, lots of snacks and a lollypop for their ears. Coloring books and stickers always win or buy a kids magazine at the airport for a goof bribe! Always travel light because you will likely end up carrying everything if you’re traveling alone. Give kids their own suitcase or backpack filled with essentials if they’re old enough. And ALWAYS bring a spare change of clothes on the plane.

What do you do for self-care?

Alone time is super important to me and a good time for a face mask! I also try to eat well, get a facial or massage and try to get a manicure or pedicure with friends as often as possible. I also love going alone to the pool during the day.


Birth Doula Supporter, mother and night nurse.

Shanay the Doula

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