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I am a Swiss/English mum of twin boys. I grew up in Switzerland, but have moved around for the past 15 years, ending up in Berlin 7 years ago with my Brooklynite hubby. I've been a singer and performer my entire adult life and "accidentally" fell into the the jewellery business. I started my company Big Daddy Ella five years ago, and I recently launched another brand, Mummy Ella, which offers stylish teething jewellery for new moms.

I love meeting like minded women and connecting, especially since neither my husband or I have family here. Connections are what make a place feel like home. Pre-baby, I used to host lady dinners at our place once a month. I always loved the vibe and connections that resulted from those dinners so hopefully I can start that again soon!


Children: Twins Evan and Miles (9 months)

Favourite travel hack with kids?

Depriving them of any type of screen in their daily life so they are mesmerised by it when sitting on a plane. Iā€™,m not sure how much longer that's going to work though!

What do you do for self-care?

Meditation, yoga, pilates and running.


Entrepreneur (Jewelry Designer/Singer/Social Media Manager)

Mummy Ella

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