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Relocated from Sydney to Berlin for work, but after a chance encounter on a dance floor I decided to stay for a while longer. A decade and a kid later, we're still here.

Working in Advertising as an International Creative Director for many years and travelling for work for months at a time, I enjoyed the thrill of impossible deadlines over multiple time zones, but increasingly became thirsty for more personal flexibility and creative freedom. So 8 years ago I co-founded a Creative Communications Agency, currently collaborating with client partners across Europe, U.S and Australia.


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What is your favourite travel hack with kids?

Traveling with an only child, we love visiting places where we have friends with kids of a similar age – having a buddy for your kid to play with is way more interesting for the kids, and way more relaxing for the parents.

And pre-boarding races through the terminal lead to just the right amount of exhaustion post-boarding – so mummy can enjoy a well deserved sparkling 'apple juice' on the flight. Bingo.

What do you do for self care?

With a hectic Monday to Friday, a weekend sleep-in is a treat I really look forward to. My husband and I usually take turns at who gets to do the 8am Lego shift and who gets a few more hours off the clock.


Founder / Creatve Director



side hustle

Making beautiful, nourishing and delicious food for my favourite people.I also love a spontaneous craft session or illustrated painting project – my son's birthday parties are always a good excuse to bust out any extra creative energy, and kids get so excited no matter how the result looks... win-win!

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