American born but with a spirit for adventure, living abroad for the past 4+ years. Trained as a nurse and yoga teacher but ever searching for new passions and interests. Happy partner to soul mate James, mother to Lenny, 6 years old, who keeps me exploring the deeper sides of what it means to be a human raising another human. Avid reader, runner, cook, meditator. Lover of nature, water, baking bread, moving my body. Always looking for new meaningful connections with others, ways to learn, new perspectives on the world, love.


Children: Lennox (6)

What is your favourite travel hack with kids?

Simple mental games you don't need any tools for. We play “I'm thinking of an animal/person/place in the world” and the other person has to guess!

What do you do for self-care?

Move my body as much as possible (yoga, running, cycling, walking, etc), meditate, create time where I get to connect to others that feels restorative.


Self employed yoga teacher, meditator, not working nurse, mother and explorer!

Side hustle:

Private yoga teaching and baking bread!

Interested in:


shirley Schreyer