I am Australian living in Berlin since 2014. Shortly after moving to Berlin I became pregnant and a mother rather quickly which was life-changing. I was very fortunate to gain an expat mum community around me and to meet Shirley, and helping her bring Wunderhaus to life. I fell in love with her concept for Wunderhaus, especially since such a place didn’t exist in Berlin when my son was born. I so wish it had.

Since living in Berlin I’ve been working on establishing my business and expanding in the European market. We do everything design-related: interiors, renovations, visualisations and working with developers in the building and architectural industry


Children: Oscar (4)

What is your favourite travel hack with kids?

As long as we have a beach and some sand we are set!

What do you do for self-care?

Fitness, yoga, meditation, self-growth, seminars, books, beauty - love organic products


Architectural Designer / Interior Designer


Interested in:


shirley Schreyer