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I am a 36 year old french woman living between Berlin in Paris. I met my German husband in NYC 10 years ago, and moved to Berlin where he was already living 5 years ago. I set up my own business at that time ( a brand strategy and communication agency through contemporary art) and have had 2 children in the last 3 years. Our family lives and breathes through art - i often call ourselves the "art trotters".

I found a great balance between my Parisian and Berliner life, especially since becoming a mother. To me, Berlin is the perfect environment to raise small children. I am surrounded by a wonderful community of international and dynamic mums, sharing their experiences and coming from such various backgrounds. In Paris, meanwhile, I focus fully on my business, embracing the fast pace, glamour and aesthetic of my favorite city, and let my children be spoiled by their grandparents!

Not much to add except for the fact that since becoming a mom the two things i miss most are going to the movies and reading one book a week, which i used to do. Instead, reading one book a year and 1 movie a month ( on itunes...)

Same with sports, thank god we still find the time to make love!


Children Louis (2)and Ava (1)

What is your favourite travel hack with kids?

A little backpack stuffed with surprises such as stickers, mini books, and a family picture album to look at the photographs since our kids don t look at tablets ( yet..)

What do you do for self-care?

Sleeping as soon as I can.


Cultural and brand stategist

Büro Constance Breton

Side hustle:

Professional party animal.

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